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    Welcome to the future of scaling your coaching business with unparalleled efficiency. Our AI-powered client acquisition solution is designed to deliver high-ticket clients with ease.
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    Imagine your company's monthly revenue skyrocketing from $47k to $763k within just 18 months. That's the transformative power of our Automated AI Sales Agent. Capable of generating 20-25 qualified sales calls per day, it ensures your calendar is effortlessly filled with prospects eager to do business with you.
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    For just $47 per month, you can access a carefully engineered client acquisition solution. Powered by our AI Sales Agent's proficiency, which has amassed over 4,000 clients and generated more than $5M in revenue for companies and coaches in just 30 days.
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    Try our AI Sales Agent with total peace of mind, backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If it does not yield more client sign-ups post-setup, you are entitled to a full refund.

The Automatic Appointment Funnel™

Let AI Target and Capture Your Ideal Client Base Effortlessly

The included Automatic Appointment Funnel™ uses a unique ad audience strategy to constantly attract your ideal, high-ticket clients, leading them to request your services.

Book Sales Calls on Autopilot

Our custom-built automated AI Sales Agent has generated over 4,000 Clients, and in just the last 30 days has produced over $5M in revenue for 1,100 digital marketing agencies and coaches who have it installed.

Success Stories

Start Closing Clients Month Over Month

Our Automated AI Sales Agent excels where traditional methods fall short by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence with proven strategies. It uses data from thousands of qualified sales calls and successful transactions to ensure you receive high-quality leads—the ones most likely to become $10k+ clients.

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